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Drawing Trolley / Drawing Hanger

Altimus carries the best range of drawing trolleys and drawing hangers with free delivery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The plan hanger trolley is an ideal unit to store all drawings & plans in a systematic manner In an industrial or office space.

The mobile trolley has been designed to not only accommodate a large number of plans and drawings conveniently but also to be able to move it around very easily. The front-loading trolley is very simple to use & has the capacity to accommodate and store up to 15-20 drawing hangers. The trolley accepts sheets of various sizes like A1 and A0.

The trolley carrier is available in 3 different sizes that cater to different storage capacity requirements. The A1 and A0 trolley carriers have the capacity of supporting 2000 sheets while the front loading carrier has the capacity of storing of 1500 sheets.

The hangers for the trolley can be easily accessed, removed or replaced. The drawing hanger is specifically designed to provide a very simple & effective system of filing large numbers of plans, drawings, maps, posters and other large sheets or documents. Any workplace that needs to store significant quantities of large-scale drawings or maps will find plan hangers very essential and useful. These products are not only simple, but very effective and the design of these units is not only strong, but light as well. These trolleys and hangers manufactured using very lightweight aluminum and each of the clamping hinges of the hangers are able to hold up to 100 sheets of A1 / A0 paper.

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