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Dahle Shredders

Dahle Shredders

Altimus carries the largest range of, and is the leading supplier for Dahle Office & Home Shredders in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Secure information should never fall into the wrong hands. Dahle paper shredders are your best line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to secure information.

Whether it's personal credit card statements or Top Secret government documents, Dahle has a shredder that will meet your needs.

We have a range of Dahle shredders from:
Small Office
Small Department
High Capacity
High Security

While selecting a shredder, benchmark your purchase against your security level needs:
Level P-1 = ≤12 mm wide strips of any length
Level P-2 = ≤6 mm wide strips of any length
Level P-3 = ≤2 mm wide strips of any length or ≤320 mm² particles (of any width)
Level P-4 = ≤160 mm² particles with width ≤ 6 mm
Level P-5 = ≤30 mm² particles with width ≤ 2 mm
Level P-6 = ≤10 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm
Level P-7 = ≤5 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm

Call us for a recommendation on a Dahle shredder that suits your specific shredding needs.

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