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Post-it ® & Stickies™ Notes

Colorful sticky notes help pave the way whether you need to organize your day, communicate initiatives, or personalize your space.

Altimus offers a variety of Post-it Notes and "Stickies" sticky notes in an array of sizes and eye-catching colors.

Since the 1980’s working moms, teachers, and CEO’s in training (a.k.a. administrative assistants) have used post it notes for quick reminders, to-do lists, and words of encouragement. Now it’s time to dress up your space by using Super Sticky notes to create art for your wall or to brainstorm the next best invention on the market.

Need more ideas to make the most out of your post-its? Try these:

Your next big idea needs a creative mind-mapping session completed with post-its, easel pads, and Post-it Big Pads.

Layer sticky notes to create a game board of questions for your classroom to practice for the next quiz.

Someone in your office needs an anonymous smiley face to brighten their day. Post-its to the rescue!

Motivational quotes hung prominently in your space using Super Sticky Notes will get you through the long week.

Improve a challenging process by finding a blank wall to map out the steps using different colored sticky notes and label rolls.

Use Post-it Notes to leave words of encouragement on your friend’s locker or in your child’s lunch bag.

Rainy day? Time your kids to see who is the fastest at unloading sticky notes from the pop-up sticky notes dispenser.

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