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Permanent Marker

Create signage, draw up diagrams for presentations, and mark items for storage with permanent markers.

Our markers are loaded with high quality, quick drying inks in a number of colours.

A permanent marker or indelible marker is a type of marker pen that is used to create permanent writing on an object. In general, the ink comprises a main carrier solvent, a glyceride, a pyrrolidone, a resin and a colorant, making it waterproof. It is capable of writing on a variety of surfaces from paper to metal to stone. They come in a variety of tip sizes (ultra fine to wide), shapes (chisel point, bullet tip, and wide bristle), and colors (metallic, or ultraviolet reactive). Like spray paint, these markers contain volatile organic compounds which evaporate to dry the ink. Permanent marker is another name for "waterproof" marker.

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