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Chemex Dish Wash Super, 5 Liters

SKU 600899
by Chemex
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Dhs. 18.90
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Dish Wash Super is a concentrated neutral liquid detergent with a deep florescent yellow colour and a lemon fragrance. The product is very active when diluted as recommended, as suitable for all manual cleaning and dish washing in household and industrial applications.

Even though, Dish Wash Super in a concentrated form, the coupling solvents incorporated in it, helps it go into solutions instantly, penetrate contamination and rapidly emulsify and disperse the residues. It is effective in both soft and hard water, hot or cold. The high proportion of solvents present in Dish Wash Super help in quick and spot free rinsing.

Areas of application:

Can be used for any cleaning operation, where a neutral, perfumed detergent is desires for. However, it is specially designed for dish washing applications in hotels, hospitals, institutions, canteens, cafeterias, homes etc. Dish Wash Super is deal for food handling equipments, working surfaces, vitreous surfaces, cutlery ad stainless steel.

Method if application and dilution:

Can be used as a conventional dish washing liquid. Dilute solutions can be applied onto the surface scrubbed with a sponge or synthetic abrasive and rinsed with water.

For general cleaning applications, optimum dilution can be 1:50 upto 1:200.

For oily and dusty surfaces 1:3 dilution with efficient scrubbing and warm water will be adequate.