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Panasonic UBT580 Interactive Panaboard Whiteboard

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Dhs. 4,751.25
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Easy to Write, Easy to Operate
All board operations can be performed with a finger touch or movement on the board surface. Or you can use the handy Stylus Pen for writing and drawing. Both options offer smooth, comfortable manipulation.

For More Effective Presentations
You can use your PowerPoint® application right on the elite Panaboard, so you no longer have to operate a second PC separately. And by pressing the Remote Control button on the Electronic Pen, you can flip slideshow pages from a distance. You can also jot information onto slides, and save it in PowerPoint® as an image or text.

Multifunctional Electronic Pen (Optional)
You can use the Electronic Pen to switch between four marker colours and the eraser tool and do things like remotely turn PowerPoint® pages.

Easily Save Information Written on the Board
You can insert images and text into Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® using elite Panaboard Software.

Dynamic Image Control
Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers. This kind of free image manipulation will also keep audiences from getting bored.

Livens Up Your Meetings
Because up to two points can be simultaneously operated, a team of two people can work together on the same task. This makes discussions and brainstorming sessions more efficient and active than ever before.

USB Powered
Power is supplied by a USB cable from the PC, so there's no need to connect a power cord from the elite Panaboard to a wall outlet.

Pen Holders
Two pen holders, each for holding a single Stylus Pen, are included. They can be mounted to any of four locations on the upper, lower, right and left parts of the board, so you can choose the best place when setting up your board.


Working Area: 1175 x 1567 mm
Power supply: 2.5 W


Interface: USB 2.0
Colour of product: White
Source data-sheet:


Width: 1637 mm
Package weight: 23 kg
Height: 1352 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1637 x 74 x 1352 mm
Compatible operating systems: Windows XP (SP3+) 32-bit, Windows Vista (SP2+)
Windows 7

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Video: N/A

â—Ź Unassembled
â—Ź Additional Charges for Installation