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Valberg Garant 95EL+KL Fire And Burglary Resistant Safe, Digital Lock + Key Lock

SKU 504991
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Dhs. 7,008.75
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Valberg anti-burglary and fireproof safe  in grade II, equipped with an electronic lock. Safe designed to secure documents and valuables in the event of a break-in. Anti-burglary protection - class II acc. To PN-EN 1431-1. Fire resistance 60 min LFS 60P (E-CBS) according to EN 15569 The door and the body of the safe are reinforced with fireproof filling with a patent-protected composition Multi-layer stepped structure of the door and the body - "safe in a safe" Door thickness - 110 mm, wall thickness - 90 mm Thermal lock securing the gap between the housing and the door against fire and high temperature

  • Intended for protection of valuables and documents FROM fire and burglary
  • When filling doors and safe casing, a patented system of fire-resistant concrete reinforcing is used
  • Three-sided reinforced crossbar lock system
  • Lock and crossbar protection from drilling and knocking down blocking system of crossbar system in case of knocking the lock
  • Thermal lock reinforced with fire-resistant seal
  • The thickness of the door protective layer is 33 mm; total door thickness is 105 mm
  • Sidewall thickness is 77 mm; back wall thickness is 51 mm
  • Anchor holes to facilitate bolting the safe to the floor.
Inside Size 820 x 400 x 295 mm
Outside Size 980 x 545 x 455 mm
Lock Type Digital, Keylock
Fireproof Yes
Weight 205.00 Kg
Manufacturer Valberg
Color Grey